Friends Forever

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Painting is Sold

Soup can with Pansies.

Posted in Still Life on February 2nd, 2013 by Gloria Jean

Gloria Jean, pansies in can

This painting is 16 X 20 inches, and it comes with a frame.  Picture of the frame will be added soon. Both frame and painting have a high gloss coat.  the price is $425.00. Shipping is free. and will probably be via UPS.  Contact me for details and availability at or buy now with your credit card through Pay Pal.

“A Bird in the House.”

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Miss Piggy watches a swallow as it tries to find a way out of the studio.  8″ x 10″  -$75.00

Contact me for purchase and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice.

She was given special treatment because she was about to have kittens. Her name is Miss Piggy Pinknose. She earned the name by finding and tearing into every bag of cat food I brought home. I had to hide it from her. She even knows how to open cabinet doors.  Miss Piggy’s fur is short cropped and feels like luscious  mink.  The painting is oil on an 8″x 10″ canvas. It is gallery wrapped and ready to hang.

“Strawberries Three”

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“Strawberries Three” 6″x6″ $60.00

Contact me to purchase and I will send you a Pay Pal Invoice.


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“Peace” 8″ X 10″ SOLD

Contact me and I will send you a Pay Pal  invoice.

This painting was done for the daily paintworks weekly challenge.  I started with some liquid clear and the paint flowed nicely.  This left the painting rather shinny and photographing it created too much reflected light, so I set it on some card board strips and scanned it while it was still wet.

“A Work in Progress”

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"Work in progress" by Gloria Jean $45.00

6″ X 6″ Oil on Raymar Canvas

This welder is hard at work. He’s 75 years old and can barely walk, but he keeps on working. This painting has been SOLD. Thank you for looking.

“The Thing Box”

Posted in Animals, Cats on June 28th, 2012 by Gloria Jean

"The Thing Box" by Gloria Jean

Oil on 6″ X 6″ Raymar Canvas Board $45.00


When organizing my work area I find it helps to have a “thing box.” I also have found that a few of my cats love to curl up in boxes. This kitten was found in my alley, lost and full of fleas. It took months of care to bring her back to health and rid her of a flea infestation. She became my best friend. I was smitten by a flea bitten kitten. Along with her, Miss Piggy Pinknose had two kittens about the same age. One of them looks so much like this one I am going to assume they have the same father. I couldn’t tell them apart.

The Mirror

Posted in Still Life on May 10th, 2012 by Gloria Jean

"The Mirror" Original Art by Gloria Jean

8 x 10″  Oil on Stretched Canvas.

This was a daily paintworks challenge.

Summer Cottage, 6″ X 6″

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"summer cottage" by Gloria Jean $35.00Sold

Thanks for looking! This is my Daily Paintworks Cropping Challenge.     6″ X 6″ unframed $45.00. The colors you see on the screen may not be an exact match to the original, but I think they are pretty close.

Shae’s Canning

Posted in Still Life on April 21st, 2012 by Gloria Jean

This is a painting I did for my Cousin Shae of her canning.  She raised the vegetables herself.  Of course its not for sale.  This was all done free hand, and was very time consuming.  Its not something I would normally do because of that.  It took weeks to finish.  For a close up click on the pictures.  Below are cropped areas of the same painting.