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All posts in October, 2011

“Dark Delicious”
6″ X 6″ Oil on Raymar Canvas board

Dark Delicious, a painting by Gloria Jean

This apple was painted from life using the set up pictured here.
I started with a black background.  I used black gesso on the Raymar canvas board.


10″ x 13″ Oil on Masonite (SOLD)
Painted from Life

Green Apples by Gloria jean

Original 10″ X 13″
Oil on Masonite (SOLD)
Painted from life.

"Onions" Oil painting by Gloria Jean

I paid ten cents more per pound for white onions simply because they looked so white and pristine.
6″ x 6″ oil on Raymar canvas board


 Contact Me to purchase.

6" X 6" Buy now for $35.00

6″ x 6″ Oil on Raymar canvas board

I found three pears in the refrigerator and set them on my printer and just started painting with a bigger brush than I needed. I did not like the painting at first, and almost decided to smear it out and start over, but I finally got it to where I liked it and decided to keep it.

Black Hole, a painting by Gloria Jean
6″ x 6″ oil on Raymar canvas board

Black Hole is a favorite fishing and swimming hole in Baca County.  I had better success photographing this painting by taking it outside in the shade on the north side of my studio.  I found the perfect place to set it on a window sill. It was a bit too blue, so I balanced the color to match its true color.

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Kenton Yucca
8″ x 10″ oil on stretched canvas

Scenery on the road to Kenton Oklahoma.  I wanted to loosen up a bit and I always have better luck doing that with a landscape.

Soap in a dish by Gloria Jean

Oil on 6″ X 6″ Raymar canvas board, (Sold)

I wanted to paint something white and found this bar of soap in a dish.  I painted it from life, then I thought it needed something else so I added the toothbrush.  For some reason, after I finished it,  I thought of something my mother used to always say to me when I said a curse word. .  “Go wash your mouth out with soap.”  I thought of that for the title of the painting, but decided against it.

The Parade, a painting by Gloria Jean

The Parade
Oil on 6″ X 6″  Raymar canvas board


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About the painting:    In Springfield we have a parade every year during the county fair.  It goes right down my street. I find the people watching the parade to be more interesting than the parade itself.  This woman was across the street from where I lived and she was all ready to enjoy the parade.

"Longhorn" a painting by Gloria Jean

Longhorn Steer
Oil on 6″ X 6″ Raymar canvas board