Dark Delicious

Gloria Jean, artist

“Dark Delicious”
6″x 6″
Oil on Raymar Canvas board

Gloria Jean, Artist

This apple was painted from life using the set up pictured here.
I started with a black background.  I used black gesso on the Raymar canvas board.

1 thought on “Dark Delicious”

  1. Beautiful apple! I found your blog while searching around for info for painting on a black background. I have red pears and thought I’d do a still life. I am new to oils, usually paint watercolors but took a long break from painting and switched mediums to get out of a block!
    I want to do something basic since my first painting threw me for a loop.
    I like the idea of setting it up w/boards in the background-so simple, I can’t believe I had to be told!
    Thanks for the inspiration….

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