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The Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copy writing and why I asked for a refund.

My first week on The Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copy writing took me from thinking that this is right up my alley and should be a "piece of cake"..... all the way down the emotional ladder to, "What in the world have I gotten myself into?"

By Friday I had started to work on a website and was feeling like a rank amateur after having looked at a few other copywriters sites with massive portfolios of impressive work and I looked at my site taking shape and wondered what I was going to use for content.

I didn't neglect my assignment of reading the American Express letter ten times and I've copied it twice so far. I have to confess though; I am wondering why I have never received that letter myself, not in my entire life. Quite frankly I feel like I've been snubbed by an elite credit card club.

So I've been reading a lot of the material on the AWAI website and other places, and learning all about landing pages, auto responders, email lists and having to do "real research" and its all sounding like a lot of tedious work at this point.

Adding to that, my computer's email program has not been working right for quite a while. It can receive emails from my website servers, but it won't let me send any or respond to anyone. I have to go to the actual email server to respond to anyone.

So I got engrossed in trying to fix that problem, and I ended up being asked to pay for a "fix it" program that I found from a link in Wikipedia of all places. I was allowed to download and install it, and only after I waited for it to scan my entire computer and find 1089 errors did they inform me that I needed to pay them for it or they would not "fix" the errors.

I refused to buy it because I was so angry at this hard core sales tactic after they didn't bother to tell me what they were planning to do, or how much it would cost. They wasted my time, and now they wanted my money. (By the way, this is a new tactic where Wikipedia is being used by sales scammers to present a problem or error that they discovered people searching for on google, and then they write an article on that search term in Wikipedia and send you to a link to download their solution. It involves you buying their product. I also believe that their product won't solve your problem at all.)

I decided to keep the 1089 errors and said "no" to their extortion. The program was very pushy about it too, and kept popping up in my face like a virus. I uninstalled it. --Doing that was very gratifying. It made me feel like I just shot an intruder.

So I got my computer to do a scan disk operation and after about five minutes it said that the process was one percent completed and it was only working on the first of 5 processes. Well this is going to take all night, I thought, but I decided to let it happen.

With nothing else to do, and with my cable being out and no extra computer to watch Netflix on, I decided to write about how the first week was going for me on the Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copywriting.

As I started to write this, --it felt more like complaining-- I realized I was enjoying myself for the first time that day. With no computer to distract me and no spell check available It felt a part of my brain was waking up.

I resisted the temptation to write fancy and proper English and just wrote as if I were talking to a family member; which was something they had suggested.

Writing was the best part of my day. And probably the best part of my whole week. Then it dawned on me that I now had some fresh original content to put on my new website.

I decided not to worry about other people's impressive portfolios and credentials and use my own personal approach. Instead of a portfolio, I would simply introduce myself and let people know who I am and what I have been doing.

Thinking about that, I discovered I had been doing a lot more than I realized.

What I took away from week one on the Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copywriting was the turning point where I made the decision to be who I am and not feel so intimidated or overwhelmed by the great copy writing geniuses with all their impressive credentials, as much as I am in awe of them. I know I can learn a lot from them and from other AWAI members, but they are only human so probably nothing to be in awe of.

I do my own websites, and I sell my own products, which is a self published Tarot Deck and book, and I sell artwork and paintings. I would rather be writing or painting or creating a website than anything else.

I had asked to see some actual samples of AWAI students who had built their own "copywriter" websites, but the ones given to me were just some other kind of website, not one for a professional copywriter. The AWAI teacher I asked this for did have a copywriter's website and it was her website that impressed me. It was a wordpress blog. This is great,_ now I can have an interactive responsive site with a comment section if I just use a blog.

I installed a free blog theme right away for my painting blog, and I decided to purchase the premium theme and learn how it works.

Why I asked for a refund on the AWAI copywriter's course:

The next week, I kept getting email after email signed by different people working for AWAI, all sales letters wanting to sell more of their different specialized courses. These emails may have been automatically generated for up-selling, but they were not helpful and I was not interesting in spending more money.

I had barely gotten into these two courses that I had just purchased for almost two hundred and fifty dollars, and that was a huge investment for me. I was not ready to invest in more of the same.

I joined their "Barefoot writers'" facebook club thinking I would have someone to talk with about copywriting, but the moderators for that club worked for AWAI and it was a bit intimidating saying anything that might criticize the course material because it seemed more like the club was a selling platform than a learning or support platform. Their solution to questions or problems was often to recommend another course.

They have a lot of different courses for sale that go into specialized fields of copywriting, and I got the feeling that the AWAI tutors or teachers were more interested in selling another course than spending time helping people with questions about the course I just bought.

I checked on the money back guarantee and learned that there was only about a two week trial period to get that refund, so I sent a request for the refund. I got the refund in less than a week.

The Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copywriting, was only one of many courses they offer. There is nothing wrong with the courses, I just think they are over priced and certainly more than I could afford. Compare that to a few good books you can buy on Amazon on the subject.

I also did not appreciate being bombarded with sales letters for other over priced courses in the first week. One offer wanted a lump sum of a thousand dollars for everything on their website for life. After I had already spent $250.00, I wondered why that offer was not on the table to begin with. I don't like those kind of up-selling techniques. They try to make it look like you are getting a great bargain, when all it does is make you think the product was overpriced to begin with.

I also got the impression that the entire business was on its last legs. I found broken links in some sales pages that were overlooked and other subtle things.

How to Develop Your Talent.

What is talent? Is talent something magical?

This article holds the secret to developing your talent.

Personally, I found it baffling that after I spent my entire life working hard to acquire the skills needed to put my creative juices to work successfully, that someone would come along and explain it away by calling me "talented."

I suppose a lot of people would be flattered to be called "talented." Perhaps it makes them feel special. I remember how I felt. I did not understand the word "talent" and when I heard someone call me "talented" I would sometimes think, "Well I fooled them," and I would just let them think I was talented, so as not to burst their bubble or spoil the mystery about me or this mysterious magical power called "talent."

One day after having painted a small portrait of a child for his parents, they stood behind me in awe of what I had done and asked, "How did you do that?" I had done it so automatically after all of my practice over the years, I did not know how to answer that question and to be honest, I was as amazed at what I had done as they were. I simply answered: "I have no idea."

I have long suspected that some people believe that hard work, study, practice and passionate skill development is simply something magical called 'talent' Perhaps this belief serves to justify why they themselves can't do those creative things. After all, they will often say something like "I tried to do that once and I was just no good at it." I would sometimes ask them, "You tried only once?"

If you try something only once and fail, and then you quit, it has to be something that you don't really want to do. In all honesty, you aren't a failure, you just changed your mind about what you really want to do. People who say to me "I wish I had your talent!" or "I wish I could do that!" who have only tried it once or twice have actually made the choice that they would rather do something else with their time.

For some reason people will sometimes completely convince themselves that the only reason they can't do something creative better than someone else is that they don't have that magical ingredient called "talent." So when you hear a person say that they have "no talent" what they are really saying is that they have not discovered their true passion and taken the time to develop it.

That is not to say that I think "natural talent" does not exist in the world or in people. It very possibly does. There seem to be those rare talented people who have a natural way to tap into skill and knowledge that seems to be beyond their normal life experience. If this is true, then it is the best evidence for the existence of magic or the occult that I know of. What is "occult knowledge" if not a mysterious knowledge or experience that a person has or summons without the benefit of their own personal life experience and hard work? However my definition of magic is simply personal power and consciousness at work.

To acquire talent is to "practice deeply." When you "practice deeply" you are more focused on solving a particular problem or correcting your mistakes and adjusting accordingly. Your mind applies itself to the challenge with focus and determination. The trick is to choose a goal just beyond your present abilities. It will give you a target or challenge which your brain recognizes as needing more attention and focus.

To "practice deeply" is a means of practice whereby you learn by your mistakes. In dangerous occupations such as flying an airplane, your mistakes can kill you, therefore training pilots is now done with a machine that simulate flying and allows you to make mistakes safely and learn to correct them.

Therefore "talent" and "magic" both seem to boil down to a mind set of intention, belief, and "practicing deeply." I believe that the key to practicing deeply is your intention to reach a certain goal and your focus on that goal.


Gloria Jean